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Finally, a tax-slashing roadmap for your business…

Business owners, I have three questions for you…

Are you happy with the amount of taxes you have to pay?

Are you confident that you’re taking advantage of every deduction?

When was the last time your accountant or tax professional came to you and said, “I have an idea that will save you some money on your taxes”?

If you answered “no” to either of the first two questions, or “Never” to the final question…. We need to talk!

How much money could a customized business tax plan add to your bottom line?

Studies show that 93% of business owners pay too much in tax.  Our survey of over 2,000 business owners identified an average of over $27,000 in annual tax savings. Put your newfound savings back into the business, away for retirement, or whatever suits your needs.

Let the tax-slashing plan do all the work for you.

Any accountant qualified to “do taxes” can prepare your return for you, but smart business owners recognize that they can only achieve their greatest tax savings with a well-crafted, professional tax plan that’s personalized and unique to you and your business. We explore over 1400 potential federal, state, and local deductions to create your tax plan.

After I get my tax plan, can Premier Tax do the taxes for me?

Yes, of course.  Not only do we create a customized tax-reduction plan for your business, but our experts know how to execute the plan.

Unfortunately, not all accountants are created equal. You need a plan, but you also need experts that can execute it with you.  It’s more than just checking the right boxes on a form.  We’ll help you make adjustments to your business so you can take full advantage of your plan. Have a CPA or tax prep firm you already like? That’s no problem, simply take your plan to them to implement on your behalf.

How much will it cost me if I don’t plan?

The old adage is true: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Just imagine multiplying the average annual savings of $27,000 per year over 5 years ($135,000) or even 10 years ($270,000) Can you afford to continue to miss out on substantial tax savings?

Here’s a sample snapshot of a tax reduction  plan

Your tax plan will be 20-50+ pages (with all of the actionable details) so what follows are just a few highlights

Sample plan. Individual results vary.

Thousands of Tax Planning Strategy Combinations

Our team of tax strategists considers over 1,400 federal, state and local deductions as we review your unique situation.  We find the most effective tax strategies for maximizing deductions, legal entity structure, retirement planning, insurance and asset protection, economic relief programs like the CARES Act, exit and capital gains, and other advanced strategies.

Overall tax savings

Our strategic roadmap to slash your tax expense starts with the end in mind. At the top of the 20-50+ page tax reduction report you’ll find your estimated tax savings for the current year as well as the projected savings for the next year, all based on the assumptions you’ve given us.

Sample plan. Individual results vary.


Sample plan. Individual results vary.

Tax Planning Recommendations

Tax laws are always changing, so that’s why our team is constantly keeping up with the latest opportunities to reduce business tax.

We’ll identify the strategies you’re missing, including the nuances for different entity structures, and what we recommend you do to put more money back into your business.

Estimated Retirement Savings

You’re probably not thinking about retirement yet, but it’s on the horizon somewhere, right? So that’s why we highlight what it would look like if you took your new tax savings and invested it every month toward retirement.

Sample plan. Individual results vary.

Sample plan. Individual results vary.

Next Steps – Take Action

A plan is only as good as its implementation. We provide the details you need in your 20-50+ page report for a willing and competent tax expert to make your new tax savings a reality.

However, please note: many accountants are either not willing or not proficient enough to put this comprehensive plan into action. At Premier Tax Consulting, we can make your plan a reality.

Frequently asked questions


Why hasn’t my current accountant created a business tax savings plan for me?

We can’t speak for your accountant, but we find that many accountants are not qualified to create a comprehensive plan. They lack the time or staff to accomplish all that is necessary to take full advantage of a comprehensive tax plan or they are simply unaware they are not optimizing their clients’ businesses for tax savings.

How much can I expect to save in taxes when I get a plan?

Because everyone’s situation is unique, we can‘t promise you specific savings until reviewing your situation.  However, our internal survey of over 2,000 business owners identified an average of over $27,000 in missing or potential tax savings.

Can I get a plan to see if my accountant is doing everything right?

Of course, we encourage it. Some of our clients simply want a “second opinion” to confirm their accountant, friend, or family member isn’t missing anything.

What if I have questions about getting a tax-slashing plan?

We have dedicated professionals ready to help answer your questions. Call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. info@premiertaxwv.com or 304-241-5125


Whether it’s Tax Preparation for you or Tax Planning for Big Savings, our team is here for you and your family!


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